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The Great Kilmessan Bake Off

Rang a Trí made Rice Krispy buns as they were exploring the change in materials in Science this month.

We can confirm it was a very tasty experiment!

Observing pumpkins decomposing

After Halloween, 1st class decided to watch some pumpkins decomposing. They put pumpkin 1 outside the classroom, pumpkin 2 inside the classroom and pumpkin 3 in the outdoor composter.  Here are some photos to show you what they observed.

Classroom Composter

The pupils made a composter for the classroom so that they could observe what happens over a few weeks.  Will the material in the composter change, look any different, what do you think will happen?  These are some of the questions they asked each other in class.  They recorded their findings in their SESE copies.

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