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STEM Show & Tell

The pupils of Kilmessan NS have a great culture of presenting, explaining and sharing their work with other classes and teachers.  Here are some examples of that throughout the year.

Rang a Sé learned about the human body and internal organs earlier in the year, with particular focus on the heart. After researching the circulatory system, they dug a little deeper and took a closer look! They were very happy to present and explain their findings to the principal and the support teachers in the school.  

 Newton Colour Wheel - The Science of Light

Rang a Trí were very happy to discuss the colour wheel with Junior Infants.  They discussed primary colours, white light and sang the rainbow song! 

Apple Crumble in Rang a Dó

The children brought in flour, sugar and butter.  They picked the apples from the school garden.  They  peeled , chopped , measured and  mixed and turned all of these ingredients into delicious apple crumble.  They showed Rang a hAon how it was all done and scented the whole school with the mouth watering smells of baking.  Well done Rang a Dó!

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