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Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have been very fortunate so far with very low number of Covid-19 cases in the school. This is due in no small measure to parents/guardians taking a cautious approach by keeping their children out of school when they display any symptoms of Covid-19. It is likely that more pupils will miss days or have to be sent home due to the amount of illness & infection currently in circulation.

In such cases, class teachers will set work that can be completed at home, so that pupils can keep up academically for the duration of their absence. Please see the table below for work that pupils in all classes can engage with immediately until more specific tasks have been assigned by the class teacher.


Once again, many thanks for your co-operation in helping to keep our school as safe as possible for the entire school community.

Stay safe,

Brian Mullins


Continue in your Master your Maths, complete one column per day, complete weekly tests on Friday.

Read the next story in Starlight and complete the written activities at the end of the unit.

Continue with the next unit in Spellings for Me.

Our school has signed up to IXL for Maths and English and every child has been given their username and password. Your child’s teacher has assigned activities in both subjects, based on the topics they are covering in school. There will be a star beside those activities. When your child logs on, they should do the starred activities first.

If your child needs additional books to read, please contact your child’s class teacher and they can arrange to send home paired reading books or library books.

Please ask your class teacher for Gaeilge work to complete at home.

Alternatively, the link below has a wide range of Christmas activities to suit all classes, from vocabulary to crosswords, and poems and carols.







Additional Activities

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